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Arabic and English typing tutor

Current Version : 4.6   (2 products in 1)


This product is a combination of the following two products (2 in 1):

Arabic typing tutor and English typing tutor

It aims at training to type in both languages (Arabic and English). Switching among languages is achieved using the keyboards plugins button. Selecting the Arabic button, configures the software to train the Arabic Keyboard showing in the window's title "Arabic Typing Tutor" while with the English button it shows "English typing tutor" in the window's title. In the mean time, it shows the available user interface translations. For the Arabic keyboard, both Arabic and English user interfaces are shipped with this software. However, for the English keyboard, only an English user interface is available. Users can translate the interface window using the translate GUI button.

There are total of 25 lessons, for both keyboards. Please pay into attention that users need to invest arround 25-50 hours per language to get trained.

Each lesson teaches additional keys, and there is also a practice console, where one can practice the previous tought keys since the previous lessons. Sentences chosen in the practice mode with care in the Arabic tutor, and in the English tutor words are chosen carefully.


1- Typing Lessons:

This button is used to learn how to use the keyboard effectively, through 13 lessons, and each lesson adds about 2-4 keys and teaches the hidden secrets of typing.

  • Arabic typing tutor (Mode 1)

  • English typing tutor (Mode 2)

2- Practice Button:

This button starts a practice mode. The software shows a document to write and checks the typed text and then gives an overview of how many mistakes were typed and how many correct hits and so on. The practice page is a user friendly, where the user has full control on the text color required. The Software doesn't need any special requirements or adjustments to show the Arabic text.



3- Typing Game:

This button is used to play two interesting typing games.

Game 1:

This is a simple game, where letters are falling down, and it is required to catch them up. The user has to hit the correct letters to gain points and there are different levels, in each level the falling speed will increase.


Game 2:

This is a graphical complex game, where you are in space, some bullets and moving around and some letters are rotating. There is an arrow that catches a letter every interval of time. When a letter is captured by the moving arrows, the user will hear an alert to type the pointed letter. If the letter is not typed in the available period, it will be released. There are 3 different levels of difficulty. The game's aim is to train the brain to send a stimulus to the required figure when requested.

4- Statistics:

This button is to show the statistics of the available users working with the program.


statistics of a selected user


5- Change User Name:

To change the user name.

6- Delete User:

To remove the user name.

7- Register Button:

The register Button has sub buttons to smooth the registration process.

Order: To place an order from inside the application.

Activate: Once the software is purchased, you will receive an activation key, which will convert the software to full version.

8- Setting Button:

This is a new button introduced starting from version 4.3. Where each user can set his/her own password. The administrator can change users results database path to place it some where on a network. This would allow different client pcs to share their results. Administrator can protect the database and set a password to change it.

History changes

-Ver 4.5

- Fixed 2 bugs in version 4.3

ver 4.3
-Network support; users can share their results on a network.
-Each user can set a password to login or remove his/her account
-Added a translation button to translate the GUI. Feel your self at home
-Translated GUIs could be published online as a cooperation from users.
-In practise window, one can change the colors and save it to suit his demand.
-Fixed strike per min calculation bug in 3.9
-Added new statistics view, elegant bar graphing of strike per min per lines.
-Download arabic and english manual buttons, as well as automatic download of updates.
-Added annual update license and other languages plugin purchase buttons