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Can I order more than one License?

Yes, we have a group license by which you can have one key for multi PCs and at the same time, you would get a discount. There is also an open License used for University campuses with a university discount.

What is the sequence after ordering?
Ordering by Credit Card through the application or the website:-
Once the order is place, you should receive an automatic email including your activation key. The Activation key is used in conjunction with your email address to actviate the program. By activating the program, it will be fully functioning.
Ordering by Paypal:-
You will get an email, that might be delated a couple of days because it is manually processed, that will include your activation key.
How can i order?

You have 2 ways to order:

a- Through the application. Download the program, install it and run it.Chooe Register menu and press order button. You will see a new window with secure connection to the money proessing company. You can use this to order by credit cards.

b- Use the Website to order using Credit card or Paypal.

Do you accept other method of ordering, like telephone bill and money transfer?
Telephone Bills
No, currently we cannot process Telephone bills.
Money Transfer
If you are in Europe or Switzerland, you can transfer to our acount in German or Switzerland respectively.
Money transfer within Europe is Free.
If you are in United States, you can only pay using Paypal or Credit Cards.
I have a new question?

We really appreciate you questions, please write in the Wish List (Link will be provide) or send it to us.


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