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I have English and French keyboard installed, does this effect the program?

No, this doesn't affect the program, because of an internal automatic keyboard mapping function that adjust its self to your current keyboard and then coverts it to arabic input keyboard.

Do I need special requirements to install the software?

No, the software doesn't need special requirments other than a normal computer
with any windows operating system.

Is it possible to get some statistics from the software?

Yes, the software can give you the efficiency of typing, and your speed in Strike Per Minute (SPM). It can also show you the last lesson you take and the progress.

I don't know Arabic, is it possible to learn from it?

Yes, you can learn how the letters are joined to each other and you can learn the pronounciation starting from version 3.6.

What are the offered plug-ins?

Plug-ins are software that can increase the available typing languages in the typing tutor. For example an english plug-in added to arabic typing tutor will teach typing in both languages english and arabic. In other words you would have arabic and english typing tutors (2 in 1).


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