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About us Solutions is a leader in providing software for education, networking and telecommunications. The company is experienced in delivering solutions for modern telecommunication requirements, and also provides IVR and VOIP servers, telecommunication networks building and services. was established in January 2001 in Alexandria, Egypt, and now has partners in several other countries. Since 2004 the main office was changed to Germany.

In 2002, built its first IVR server, which was able to manage internal and external (inbound and outbound) telecommunications. The system could accept card entries, transfer calls, and deliver data through telephone lines.

In 2003, established a new department for educational software, creating Arabic-language tools for English systems, and developing Arabic educational software.

In 2004, started implementing VoIP with the built IVR server to provide a turnkey system able to transfer telephone calls from the Internet to landlines and the mobile network.

In 2005, started building its own robot for production of printed circuit boards (PCB) and it can now provide custom PCB production for custom applications. It also provides CNC machines with its software.

In 2006, developed remote web monitoring software. This software can help to remotely monitor a building or a house through the Internet or a private network, or through the landlines, and has its own built-in secure server.

Since  2007 the company started creating softwares for the arab communities and developed an awarded software called keyboard typing tutor and it got more developed in 2007.

Starting by 2008, the Arabic typing tutor software became an international software to teach different languages. There are many international consulates and training centers who use our software.