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Behind Arabic Typing Tutor 2015

In Jan 2015, we have just produced a new release of the Arabic Typing Tutor Pro version. It has been long waited. Since 2012, we did not produce an update for out award winning Arabic Typing Tutor 4.6. The reason behind this was mainly we faced major problems when Microsoft introduced Vista and its associated .net programming studio. Our software was based on Microsoft Visual Studio products and when they changed into .net, there was a need to re-translate the whole program from the old visual studio into .net. After studying this option financially, we found that this would extremely cost and we may face in future the same situation. Accordingly, we took the decision to stop depending on any Microsoft product in the development process. This lead us to restudy another programming language. The results were promising, although it cost some time to reprogram the whole software including its games from scratch and include additional graphics enhancements and rich reports. The company is looking forward to producing software for other languages.  Translation support is appreciated.